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I have been thinking of ways to get more people interested in different cultures,  I think I may have a great Idea to do such a thing. I am planning on releasing a video podcast. This podcast will feature holidays and festivals that may seem strange to us. I compiled a list of very fun … Continue reading



Cyprus is a unique island in that on one side it has Turkish cultures and on the other it has it Greek cultures. Cyprus has a population of 736,000. The Turks resides in the north while the Greeks resides in the south. 13% of the populous speak Turkish,while 84% speak Greek. Like the Greek and Turkish culture, family is the … Continue reading

Hutterite People

If you know about the Amish , then you might have an idea of what the Hutterite people are like. The Hutterite adopted their ways of the New Testament books of the Acts of the Apostles and 2 Corinthians and lived their lives according to these books. It was not hard to live the way lived and they would often be persecuted … Continue reading


Myanmar also known as Burma is located in Southeast Asia. Myanmar culture is influenced by Buddhism as well as its neighboring countries China, India and Thailand. Myanmar is a  hierarchical society. Buddhists believes that Men are higher than women, therefore in Myanmar women are consider lower class and women hope they would be reincarnation as a man … Continue reading

The Cook Islands

The cook islands are a self governing nation which comprises of 15 small islands whose total land area is 92.7 sq mi. The charm of the Cook Islands is the friendly people who are warm and hospitable. The mood in all the islands is quite relaxed by locals. The people of the islands try to preserve their traditions … Continue reading

Solomon Islands

The Solomon Islands are a group of about 1000 islands located  northeast of Australia in the South Pacific Ocean. Each island is diverse yet the same. The languages of each islands differs. There were 74 language spoken, 4 of them are now extinct and 70 are spoken locally. It is tradition in the Solomon Islands that old … Continue reading

Easter Island

       Looking for a great exotic vacation spot? grab your bags and lets head to Easter Island where the rich culture and beautiful beaches will not disappoint you. Easter Island got its name from Jacob Roggeveen who “discovered” the island on Easter Sunday in 1722. Easter Island is home to 5,806 people, the main attraction however is … Continue reading